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Last News !

We are pleased to inform you that the MEM company joined on 11th of October 2013 the French group FINEGA, leader in manufacturing of high tech machinery dedicated to the Sawmill and Timber Industry.

Our company becomes « MEM INDUSTRY » and will continue the production of the original MEM sawmill machinery in the historical MEM workshop located in La Coquille / France in cooperation with our sister's companies : EGA AUTOMATION (scanners, optimisation, automation), E.W GILLET (debarker, log yard, sawmill machinery) and EGA MACHINERY (CNC machining center for wood-construction industry).

For Michel LOYET, President of FINEGA Holding, the spirit of innovation in the sawmill industry that prevailed in the development of the MEM company for over 75 years perfectly matches the strategy of FINEGA group for developing innovative and reliable process, offering to the International market the best equipment and the best technology with the goal of continually improve the productivity, the accuracy and the profitability of each client in the respect of the environmental rules and the standard of each country in the world.

Experience, innovation and passion of sawmilling animate all of our employees at MEM INDUSTRY for providing to every customer the best quality equipment and meeting our commitments:

> Quality and durability of the MEM machine
> Improvement of the sawing accuracy
> Optimization for higher Recovery and waste reduction
> Full automation for reducing the labor cost
> Improvement of productivity for short time return on investment
> High quality after-sales service and respect of delivery

Michel Loyet

We equip the sawmills and other wood sectors industry with the machines:

headrig  HEADRIG :

A complete range of headrig with wheels diameter 105 to 210 cm. Info



Canters_slabbers  Canter and Slabber:

This canter is used to chip two faces in small log lines for logs up to 400 mm diameter or for cants. Info

logs_carriage  Logs carriage:

A complete range of carriage from small softwood logs to the exotics logs. Info



edger_and_multi_blades Edger and multiblades :

From 2 to 6 shifting saws machine, with manual or mechanized infeed table. Info




Ligne_de_sciage_circulaire  Circular saws sawing line :

Automatic sawing line for boards and cants up to 30 products per minute. 4 or 6 shifting saws machine. Info

twin_105_de_reprise  Twin:

A complete range of TWIN resaw with wheels diameter 105 to 180 cm. Info



Band saw mill with log optimizing by simultaneous positioning, computer controlled processing, log dogging by carriages, with a 90° cant turning. Info


ligne_de_sciage_haute_production  High production line :

Sawing line for logs from Ø200 to 700mm and from 1.8 to 6.5m length, version CANTER TWIN 140, also exist with TWIN 160 and 180. Info

trimmer_8lames  Trimmer:

TRIMMER for short boards. Info


  Sorting and stacking line :

Rollers sorting line up to 22 products per minutes. Info will allow you to discover the Universe of MEM with all its production. I hope that you will feel like contacting us.


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