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Know How

        In order to match a world-wide competition each day more active, modern sawmills must be equipped with rational and performing production means.

Figure 1: Télécant with Circular saw in 3D

        To answer this demand, MEM Company has been investing strongly, for several years, in technological research and development to help our customers to increase their productivity and reliability.

Figure 2: 6 independant sawblades on edger

        On market always more an more demanding, MEM provide his customer with machines and tools adapted to their needs :

Precision mechanical engineering
 PLC control
 Servo hydraulic system
 Software for sawmill management
 CAD (Computer Aided design)

        Since the beginning, la M.E.M. was able to develop a strong worldwide reputation which relies on the quality of its employees, suppliers and co-worker and the reliability of the machines.

Thanks to well controlled methods, la M.E.M. settled rigorous process on :

 Selection of suppliers
 control of the purchases
 Feasability tests
 Quality control while manufacture
 Delivery on time

        M.E.M. is proud to insure his customer a impeccable quality of manufacture on worldwide market.

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