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The pre cross cut saw for log carriage is designed before a bandsaw headrig. The pre cross cut saw can cut boards up to 80  mm of depth. The saw is equipped with 1200 mm cylinder, that can be used for the largest boards.
The head of pre cross cut saw can be rotated 90° for the edging of wider boards.

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The TRIMMER with mobile blades can be used for cross cutting of 2 or 4 faces cants before ripping saw machine. Two technologies are available :  

1) The cant passes transversely through fixed blades when cutting, but the blades can move to any specified length. The movement is controlled by an encoder



2)The cant is fixed, and then blades move when cutting. This version of cross cut saw allows to cut the cant to the specified size, before introducing to ripping saw machine

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The TRIMMER with multiple blades cut the sawed products when they pass through before sorting. Outfeed of the machine can be equipped by a bypass for separation of products. This TRIMMER is associated with a sorting line, and can improve the productivity of your line.

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trimmerThe special version of TRIMMER with multiple blades, when 7 of 8 saw heads are moving. It lets you to adjust your trimmer to any specified length of finished products









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