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Suspended sawings - TELETWIN

The sawing suspension allows for logs with a recovery rate much higher than traditional methods of flow. The company has developed the MEM principle sawing suspended in the 1980s and became the only European producer of such equipment. After 30 years of success the rest TELETWIN the current product and has various modifications

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teletweenTELETWIN - Set to optimise sawing the log, during machining. Operating fully automatically, it is controlled by a computer management system. Wood is held between centers, suspended by dogs with 90 ° rotation to allow the cutting of finished products, with 4 faces. It has the ability to saw logs up to 750 mm in diameter, and the outfeed system has motorised rollers for resawing of the core product in 2 or 4 sides. The TELETWIN is also available in bandsaw and circular saw versions

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The lifting clamp system, combined with the self-centering roller guide for ripping allows splitting into 2 or 3 of the last core product, both in 2 or 4 faced cores


TELECANT - This machine is equipped with a CANTER at the entrance of the TELETWIN. On the first pass of the log, the machine produces a plank and two boards. Sawing with a core eccentric version allows asymmetric cutting of the log.

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TELEPROFILER - The TELEPROFILER is equipped with a CANTER and the est équipée d’un CANTER et des fraises-profileuses pour produire une planche sans flaches par un seul passage. C’est une machine la plus récente de la gamme de Teletwin

Band saw mill with log optimizing by simultaneous positioning, computer controlled processing, log dogging by carriages, with a 90° cant turning, resawing in four sided cants, 750 mm diameter log sawing, in a cant sawing mode, cant resawing with motorised rollers, in 2 or 4 sided cants

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