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A complete range of TWIN resaw with wheels diameter 105 to 180 cm.

New Video ! : TWIN resaw for 4 faces cant

TWIN resaw 105 for resawing and edging slabs, boards and cants.




twin_120_bois_rondsTWIN 120 for round logs with loading table and skewing of the log.



twin_120_en_ligneTWIN 120 in line, with feeding system and skewing of the log.




twin_140_de_reprise_avec_reverseTWIN 140 resaw with REVERSE system for 2, 3 or 4 sided cants, with outfeed separator.



twin_140_reverseTWIN 140 REVERSE for resawing the 4 sided cants, with a preparation table allowing the stacking of 2 or 3 slabs.



twin_180_en_constructionTWIN 180 being assembled in our plant.




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