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                MEM (LA MECANIQUE ET L’ENGRENAGE MODERNES) is worldwide know as the leading French manufacturer of sawmill equipment. From an activity of cutting gears, MEM has specialized itself in the sawmill industry for several decades. Its technical skills and its capacity to innovate made MEM famous and well-known all around the world.
               Ouvrier2MEM designs, manufactures and installs sawmill equipment, either complete units or single machines. Its subsidiary SEM is in charge of the installation of those machines.

                The work of MEM starts with the study of the production unit. MEM provides, together with the machines, the mechanism necessary to link the machines together and the computerized systems to conduct and control the equipment.

                Of course, MEM takes care of the installation up to the start-up, the training and the after sales of the production units sold.

                MEM has under control all the elements mentioned hereafter so MEM is able to propose global solutions to the customers who wants a new installation or specific solutions to customers who want to modernize and existing industrial unit.

                This 60 employees company focuses its efforts to offer its customers the insurance of the best reliability, productivity and profitability. Then, from France to Eastern Europe, from Canada to USA, in Australia, Brazil and Africa, sawmills are using at this time MEM machines to answer their customers requirements.










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